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 WaterLily & Co is helping increase the uptake of the NAAS assessment programme  by supporting Local Authorities (practitioners & team managers) in preparing for their simulated roleplay assessments. We develop bespoke scenarios for organisations. Over the years, Waterlily & Co has been helping social workers engage children and young people better through bespoke roleplay simulation workshops. We have been involved with Step-Up selection interviews, University skills days and Social Work development training. 

How We can Help!


We support practitioners in preparation for the NAAS simulated roleplay assessment by providing role-play facilitation actors who have experience working on Step-Up to Social Work, and many other Social Care training engagements and are adept at providing thorough feedback. 


We provide assessors who will be able to assess and provide feedback that will ensure that both practitioners and managers become aware of the elements that could have an impact on their performance in the simulated roleplay. Our assessors will ensure the long-term sustainability of assessing candidates.


We provide both practitioners and managers with support on how best to complete the written assessment. We have qualified 

assessors  who will advise and guide on the best practices for successfully completing a written assessment. 

Case Study

The Situation

Waterlily & Co. have had a partnership with University of Bedfordshire since 2015. We have supplied roleplay services for the recruitment and assessment of Social work students and developed workshops and skills day training for their students. This is a specific example of how we have been able to successfully use our collaboration on a project with tight timescales and where the results gained publication in Routledge Social Work Education Journal in 2019.

The Challenge

In the Social work arena we have worked with Step up in Aylesbury and Luton, as well as Central Bedfordshire local authority and the University of Bedfordshire by providing actors for their skills days, interviews and student assessments. We have noticed more frequently that there are cultural misunderstandings and differences that negatively impact both social work students and young people. Resulting in poor communication with young people during the role play assessments, and leading to these BME social workers not being hired and not passing their degrees. 

The Solution

We developed a Cultural Competency Roleplay Training course in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire. Bespoke roleplay scenarios were developed in partnership with the university. This was split into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Development of Cultural Competency Roleplay Training course in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire.

Phase 2: Research based on the outcome (key performance indicators of the training

The Results

Phase 3: Data was used for Publication Research in Routledge Journal of social work.

Roleplay facilitation enabled the students to engage more with the programme and provided a profound ...

"Thank you WaterLily for an energetic, motivating, inspiring and informative cultural workshop using roleplay. The session was very well planned and very well received by the students who really got involved and felt safe to share their experiences."


Dr Lana Burroughs

Course Co-ordinator &

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Jessica Hobson

Milton Keynes Council

I got so much more from this workshop than expected, the role plays were brilliant (as someone who hates role play) and I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Louise Purser MBE

Practise Educator 

Central Bedfordshire County Council

Thank you for your brilliant contribution- your characterisation of the young person was accurate and the feedback you gave was informative and rooted in social work values, enabling us to effectively observe and assess our candidates.

Sophie Marshall

Practice Educator

Milton Keynes Council

The actors took the task seriously, - considered, reflected and discussed the issues with us and each other and fully engaged with their role. It was a very positive experience for us and provided an excellent way of assessing candidates' potential for social work training

Social Worker

Milton Keynes Council

Really fun and interesting way to develop social work skills and aid reflection of practice during role plays. Developed communication skills and challenged me to consider how I engage young people and my overall approach with the type of questions that I ask.


With years of experience, you can rest assured that you're in good hands. Here are just a few organisations that have benefited from  our roleplay services. 

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